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How I “Invented” Change Your Mind

You’ve probably heard the greatest inventions are accidental. SuperSleep® is like that. I “discovered” it when I accidentally fell asleep listening to a Suggestopedia audio tape I had made to improve my time management, delegation, and goal setting skills. I tried listening for 3 days and fell asleep every day.

Thinking it couldn’t work because I never “heard” it, I threw the tape away. Ten days later, I realized I had accomplished everything on that tape — I had written goals, implemented a time management system, and delegated projects.

Intrigued, I began experimenting with family and friends. We got amazing results, and their word of mouth created a coaching /consulting business for me. For several years, I worked with people individually. I created a personal script for each person, which s/he recorded using my specific method and equipment. I got instant feedback from each client, and I continually improved and expanded my scripting formulas.

I had no intention of making recordings, but “life happened while I was making other plans.” I had helped an 8 year old girl overcome being abused at day care, and helped her mother cope with the stress of having it happen and bringing charges against the offender (based on the girls testimony in court, the abuser went to jail). Years later, the mother asked me to help her husband. He was Chief of Police and was convening a Grand Jury investigation into sexual abuses by a high school counselor and other administrators. The accused began a smear campaign against him to undermine his position. He was going to resigning so his family wouldn’t have to face another stressful trial. 

Of course, I wanted to support him! I created a decision making script, and gave it to him to record. He said he wouldn’t record it, and he didn’t want his wife to know what was on it, so she couldn’t record it either. He asked what I would charge to record it, and I quickly responded, $500, knowing he wouldn’t pay that much. He answered, “How fast can I get it?”

So I recorded the script. But feeling insecure about it, I sent copies to 10 people to test it for me, ranging from a forensic psychologist to a housewife. They all responded the same way — “What other recordings do you have?”

And Change Your Mind went from a consulting business to a production / retail business. The Empowerment series first. Customers asked for more topics, especially money and relationships. So I kept researching, testing, and producing series. I think I have them all done now, but I have said that after every series!