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Do you want to make EASY 

changes, transitions, and transformations
in your personal and performance levels and life?

Work with Dr. Mahaney to make it happen.


One-on-One Consultation with Dr. Mahaney

Be prepared for a life-changing talk with Dr. Mahaney.
She uses her intuition to quickly get to the source of your issue.
Then she draws on her vast experience to provide practical solutions
that help you get above and beyond it.

                $150/ hour                 Buy Now

You will be contacted to schedule your appointment.


Buy $300. Get a FREE Consultation with Dr. Mahaney

You can place one order and use the session for yourself, or you can share the session with another person. If 2 people purchase the Buy 3, Get 1 Free special, it will quality as a $300 order. Teri will give intuitive guidance to each person, answer questions, and suggest next steps.
To schedule, email proof of purchase(s) to


One-on-One Success Programs

Choose the best program for you and work with Dr. Mahaney personally.

Your Next Step

Enjoy bi-monthly chats for 90 days while you listen to prescribed pre-recorded MP3s.

Silver Level

Enjoy weekly coaching sessions for 90 days while you listen to prescribed pre-recorded MP3s.

Gold Level

Exponentially change over 6 months with 3 personal MP3s & 4 prescribed pre-recorded MP3s.

Platinum Level

Collaborate with Dr .Mahaney for a year to achieve a higher level of performance with
4 personal MP3s and 8 pre-recorded MP3s.

Time Phone Consult Email Check-Ins Personal MP3 Pre-Recorded MP3 Investment in Success
Your Next Step 3 months Bi-monthly X 0 3 $1,500
Silver Level 3 months Weekly X 0 3 $2,000
Gold Level 6 months Weekly X 3 4 $7,500
Platinum Level
Peak Performance Program
12 months As needed X 4 8 $12,000

A Pre-Recorded MP3 is an existing product such as Achieve Success (180 statements).
A Personal MP3 is a one-of-a-kind recording created to address your unique situation. It has @ 100 statements.

Existing Clients are eligible to continue their programs with
1. Additional Personal Scripts / MP3s ($1,500 each)
2. Mini Scripts / MP3s to address single issues ($399 each)

Reach out NOW to schedule your program. tm@terimahaney.com