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Getting Started

Your First Step  (#1 in the Empowerment series) eases you into the program, gets you used to sleeping to a recording, and has statements to help you change easily. 

If your situation requires immediate action, start with a recording that addresses your situation. i.e. if you are stressed out, use Balance Your Energy Centers (#2 in the Healing and Wellness series). If you are ill, start with Open to Healing (# 1 in the Healing and Wellness series). If you are facing a major change, try Accept Changes and Face Your Future (#6 in the Empowerment series).

You can listen to the recordings in any order, about any topic, from any series.

Playing Your MP3

Start the MP3 when you are ready to go to sleep. It may take a few nights to fall asleep easily – for your brain to “entrain” to the process.

If you have trouble sleeping, turn the volume down very low. The volume can be so low you barely hear the music. It still works! If you don’t fall asleep then, set your recording to start in the middle of the night, when you are already asleep.

Play one recording for 21-30 nights: then go on to the next recording. If you skip nights, add more nights to make up for them. 

Playing the recording one time a night is enough for your brain to change.  Some people play their MP3 repeatedly throughout the night, which is a personal choice, but it does not change the length of time you listen (21-30 nights). 

Monitoring Your Results

You can keep a journal, noting your behavior and feelings for several weeks. In three months, review your notes. You may be surprised!

If you are listening to a script to change behavior, like Get Organized, the changes are usually evident right away. You either get  more organized or you don’t.

Monitoring your results with emotional clearing scripts is more subtle, though not difficult. When you feel neutral about things that had emotional control over you before, the recording has worked. 

For instance, Charlotte wrote me about her first clearing script dealing with childhood abuse: “I have not listened except in my sleep. Today as I sat down to write you, I picked up the script to go over it. I couldn’t do it. As I started to read it, it became boring, and I threw it away.” Clearly, the past experiences that had controlled her no longer had power over her.

When You're Feeling A Little Off

Changing your theta is an intense process of mind/body/emotion change. It can result in a day or two of processing – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Any discomfort will be minor in comparison with your positive life-changes. For more information on how you may process, read the blog, What Can I Expect Listening a SuperSleep® Recording? 

When You Think It Isn't Working

Because your changes are coming from the unconscious, the conscious mind may not recognize them right away, though you have changed. Often, family and friends notice the changes first.

Some listeners continue the mental habit of THINKING about an issue, long after they’ve stopped having FEELINGS about it. This is common with the releasing recordings like Release Your Past and Release Past Relationships.

A few listeners remain in denial about their changes for weeks or months. A competitive volleyball player reported no change in her game just five days before she set a Personal Best record. Clearly, her MP3 was working!