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SuperSleep® customers have been transforming their lives
the EASY way
for 20+ years.
 Here are some of their emails. 
(these comments were unsolicited).

This is all awesome! In a world full of BS and disappointments, SuperSleep is a refreshing solution for change and improvement. Thanks.

Nowhere. That’s where I would be without the tools you have given me over the years for self awareness and betterment. Thank you for helping me in this long journey of discovery.

Thank you kindly! I listened to the First Step (Empowerment) and I am being offered a 50% raise at work. Looking forward to having the funds to purchase the other series!

Dr. Teri has been a tremendous Godsend for me, and I am not overstating this fact. Consider me a huge fan! This year (2021), I’ve done Claim Your Personal Power, Balance Your Energy Centers, Be Physically Well, Communicate Effectively, and Achieve Success. Before, I was an over-giver, at least to everyone except myself. Doing Dr. Teri’s program changed my outlook and way of showing up in the world. My newfound clarity required that I make new choices, and I was able to do so unencumbered.
It is challenging to describe what it feels like to be free. I’m so comfortable in my own skin. I’m living from my unique perspective, as opposed to the perceived needs of others, things that were conditioned in me or stories that I told myself. I am in a powerful state of pure joy and living life authentically. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Teri and her SuperSleep program and I plan to do more! Highly recommend!


From June 5, 2007, to a year later I listened to Accept Change and Face Your Future every single night. I got through a sudden separation and divorce (after 25 years as a couple). I am steady and on course, thanks to your methods. I used your CD’s to study and pass my CPA exam many years ago, so I knew where to turn in a crisis.
Regards, Linda

Wow, it Works! I have been listening to my CD about health constantly for 14 days now. On the 9th day, I dropped two bad habits cold turkey. On the 10th day, I noticed I was conscious of everything I put in my body. On the 11th and 12th days, my food cravings are for fruits and nuts and vegetables… the healthy stuff. I am starting to lose weight! I don’t know what to say… but thanks… So simple yet so powerful. Beyond Willpower.
Milton C.

Please accept my most sincere gratitude because your recordings have changed my life; and to know that it is so simple is wonderful. Blessings!

Since I have been listening to Balance Your Energy Centers, I’ve only had one migraine. Before listening to them, I was having a migraine almost every week. My quality of life has improved ten times over. I just can’t thank you enough for your “cure” for my suffering.
Sherri K

These recordings are more than amazing. They are truly breathtakingly life changing and it has given me so much hope.
Josephine J

The Success CDs are amazing. I’ve felt so many wonderful changes since I started them. Thank you so much for creating these fantastic tools for growth.
Foujan F

After listening to Accept Change and Face Your Future for 21 days, I promptly quit smoking (and had no plan to do so). I loved the result and experience. Subsequently, I’ve recommended your products to clients many times.
Linda H

I purchased several of your programs and have to say that they have worked wonderfully and I am a different person today! At age 56, I can finally state that I am finally happy with myself.
Richard A

To continue the success story of working with your program … last night, the day after finishing Heal Your Childhood, I walked on fire, something I have wanted to do for almost 20 years! I a very grateful for what I am getting out of this.

Boy, I sure do like your CDs. I found it helps me stay positive working in sales, which is really nice for me. I am enjoying the “new me!”
Martina R

I am absolutely loving Balance Your Energy Centers. I’m on the 17th day and the wonderful centeredness that it has given me is just fantastic. I feel so much better now. So much happier. So much more open to the gifts of the universe. Thanks.
Joe C

I wanted to personally thank you for the difference SuperSleep® has made in my life. In particular, the Money series blew wide open the “glass ceiling” that I had hit financially. In the first 2 months of listening to the series, I doubled my income. I am on track to easily make a six figure income for the fist time in my life. I would highly recommend this series to everyone.
The SuperSleep® program is a MUST for anyone who wants to open to possibility and climb over whatever wall they have been facing.
Mendy M

I listened to your tapes as suggested, starting with the Empowerment Series. By the time I had completed the second tape (Healing Your Childhood), I had made a profound change. The best way to describe this change is to compare my mind to an old telephone switchboard in which some of the lines are crossed (improperly connected) and others are not connected at all. To be sure, many lines were connected so that I could function in life to some degree. After the tapes, though, I gained a greater level of mental clarity than I have ever had.
I had listened to the tapes in November and December of 2008. This was at the end of the worst episode of my life (divorce). Thanks to you, 2009 was the best year of my life.
We will have our business up and running officially next week. We are starting out with a store on eBay. I have had a lot of positive feedback locally for the first batch of bumper stickers. In fact, I sold two stickers today.
I enjoyed talking to you. I consider it to be one of the highlights in my life.

This message is long overdue to you, Dr. Mahaney.  
I started using your CD’s nearly 5 years ago at an appropriate [there are no accidents] time when things were beginning to change for me, and not for the better.  I won’t go into any details, but will convey to you that were it not for your CD’s on Empowerment and Loving Relationships, I don’t know where I would be today.  Despite all the hardships and continuing professional changes I have and am currently experiencing, I am one of the calmest and most optimistic souls one could encounter, and I could not have done this without you.  I wanted you to know this before this year ended, Dr. Mahaney.  
I have grown so much academically and spiritually, which has allowed me to endure with optimism, life’s challenges thrown my way.  As well, perhaps it has to do with my advanced education while on a PhD program in Existentialism, but I will give you the credit.
Anyway, Dr. Mahaney, I wish you great success and fortune!
Richard A

Teri: I don’t know if you remember me but you did make a difference in my life. Your wisdom and teaching style inspired me to be the best I could be.
I used the Change Your Mind Self Empowerment series 15 years ago. My life has continued to improve ever since. My career has advanced, and I have finished a dual Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Organizational Management, and I am going on to finish my Masters of Arts Program focusing on Violence Intervention and Prevention.
So, I decided to let you know that you still have a far reaching positive influence on others. Thank you for being such an inspiration.”
Katherine A.

Teri, Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into your SuperSleep series. Your program has begun to change me and the way I see myself. I feel very grateful.
I began Your First Step from the Empowerment series. Here are some notes from my journal: After three nights, I felt like something had changed. After 7 nights, it is working! I feel different, less self conscious. I feel better about myself; I am more confident. I am really liking the way this program makes me feel. This program is changing me from the inside on how I feel about me, and I am very happy with this.
Joe K.

I  am writing you to share the effects I’ve been experiencing since starting the Loving Yourself CD. I started it because I have had some major triggers occur in the past few months which set off a deep bout of depression. I popped the CD in, and have I noticed a difference! I felt physically heavy, my sinuses have been draining, I’ve been releasing large amounts of phlegm, and my lungs have been firey and short of breath. There has been back and neck pain and my glands on the back of my neck are swollen. Today, I have a large lump in my throat (a lump like the one that forms when you are about to cry). I have been on a neutral level emotionally. I have had brief breakthroughs of pure confidence, love, self-reliance and contentment in the past week as well. I’ve always know how those felt but was afraid to feel them on a consistent basis.
I  think listening to Love Yourself has helped release some of the blockages to allow room for these positive responses to occur. I am excited to feel all of them more often.
Thank you for creating these!
Adrienne S.

Thank you for creating SuperSleep! At the beginning of this month, I ordered some do-it-yourself supplies. I made a tape using scripts on attracting a loving partner, action, prosperity, and writing. Maybe it was too much to tackle, but I wanted to take the bull by the horns.
I ended up processing a lot and getting sick for a week. I felt as though something was being released in slow motion. Oh, and I had a couple of nightmares several days apart. I didn’t remember them at all afterwards, it was like just letting go of something.
Once I was well, I had this stick-to-it kind of energy that I haven’t had in years! It has been only three weeks now, and I can feel my body returning to it’s youthful productivity and sense of hopefulness that comes with setting goals and really believing that I can achieve them.
By the end of the first week, I began working on a book that has been in my head for years. I have written a lot over the years, and after just one week of listening to the SuperSleep tape, I finally organized and indexed all of my notes. It was a huge task, and it took me a full two weeks to get that done. I’ve been writing daily too.
I have a series of interviews to transcribe for publication. I’ve been sitting on these interviews for nearly three years, without the energy to do anything with them. I would get a sense of fatigue just thinking about it. Now, I am sitting for hours, focused and enjoying my work immensely.
In the past three days, I have finished transcribing three of the ten interviews!!! And they are long! I can see the project unfolding clearly and I am happy about every single minute that I am in this process.
I have used so many techniques to address my procrastination and have never had this kind of result! In fact, I am able to work on both book projects without a sense of overwhelm. Both energize me and I can move from one to the other easily.
As for courtship, I had been trying to end a relationship for about six months. Now I can feel myself letting go more easily. I still feel some sadness but my projects and my friends balance me out.
I can feel myself coming into acceptance of my past relationship, for the joy it gave me, while maintaining boundaries for what I want for myself. This is the first step towards a new healthy relationship, and at the sametime I don’t feel the urgency I used to feel to be in a relationship. Instead, I feel confidence in myself as whole and confident that someone will enter into my life when it is time.
I can’t thank you enough. I’ve only done the tapes for about three weeks now and I can’t believe how differently I see things. Okay, it’s only been three weeks, but this is more work than I’ve done in three years on my projects. I know that my body is getting used to this and I feel very happy to be so productive again.
Thank You. You are a brilliant healer.
Eloissa L.

I just wanted to send you a short note to tell you thank-you for the way your work has changed my life. I have been following your work and research for years and all your products have been exceptional. 
The first step is wanting to change. I always did, so I looked around and tried everything. To find out it is as easy as putting a CD on every night is amazing!
For the past 10 months, I have been using the CD’s regularly.
Tomorrow, I start a new job and a new way of life. I went from being really sick and worrying about where my life was headed to knowing that everything is perfect.
The spiritual, success and money CD’s along with the healing have changed me radically. My friend said I was turning into a bitter old cynical hag but now I am a pleasure to be around.
Thank you for letting me see life and everything in it with rose-coloured glasses. I now get to live my life the second time around how I always wanted to. From the way I speak to myself in my mind to the way I treat others is so much more enriching. I can finally see how I can make a difference for the good.
The miracles from Manifest With Ease to the knowing I am successful is surely the greatest gift you could have given anyone.
Thank You Teri for sharing your hope, your life’s research and everything you’ve done to help the world be a better place.
I made a list months ago and yesterday went through it and I had completed 90% of it without thinking. I would never have done that before.
Someone said my smile shined and another person said I’m glowing. This comes from the radiance in the healing CD I am doing.
These are amazing gifts I am so grateful for. I wish you the best and hope to meet you someday: you are surely one of the most inspirational people I know.
Karen M.

This family wishes to extend our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your help.
Our daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16. She has “successfully” completed her “treatments” but remains in chronic debilitating pain and has fallout from the treatments (including blindness in her right eye and complete failure of her pituitary gland).
Throughout her struggle, she has routinely tried to “talk through the issues” with various mental health professionals. She has always told everyone that she couldn’t talk about it because talking didn’t help. Her parents were mystified, but we have stood by her and supported her decisions.
Then I met you. As soon as I heard the question, “Who has experienced lack of resolution of a problem through talking it out?,” I knew I had found something potentially wonderful for our daughter.
Natalie has been listening to your CD’s for 3+ months and the improvement in the quality of her life is nothing short of miraculous!
She is able to sleep, something that eluded her for almost 4 years. Instead of screaming ALL the time when she does sleep, she often has conversations now. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she laughs, sometimes she tells stories in her sleep! If I hear her screaming with a nightmare, I turn on the CD and she visibly relaxes.
The greatest gift we have received from these CD’s is the gift of Natalies’s VOICE. NOW she is able to talk about it. When she does talk, it is apparent that she has done lots of “inside work.” Her parents are so grateful that Natalie is finally able to do her “inside work” in a way that is meaningful to her.
Natalie is out of bed more, she is making plans, she is sharing her wisdom with us, and she finds SOME peace inside herself.
Thank You. We have our daughter back, and “it is wonderful in our eyes.”
Peggy and Ken and Natalie

So far with a week into Money……..WOW! My husband is saying, and doing things he has never done before!
His hard head is softening…….right before my eyes! He even said “I see how I thought there was only one way (my way)” “but in fact there are many ways and that I can see how I have been creating my life”  (Not his exact words but very close)
A moment I have always known was possible, just was not sure when!
So again……Thank you for all of your studies, efforts, dedication, compassion………and looking forward to healing which I have always, again, known was possible! 

I was at rock bottom when I came upon your website and method. I learned and studied from you on how to make my life better and more enjoyable. 
I’ve had a couple of miracles from the basic recordings I made for myself around the beginning of the year. One being, going from broke and being unemployed for over a year in a half and now I’m on my way to work on a job making more than I’ve ever made. I know I shouldn’t be texting and driving by the way. Lol
I’ve learned a lot in the process though. Reading your book, watching and listening to your interviews. I had a problem with getting people to be in my life in certain ways. And I included their names in some recordings I made. And most of them did act accordingly. 
But you helped me realize that it’s not the best way to go to try to control people through this way instead I want to control and change myself. I started to try to dig deeper within myself with the little time I have on my hands but figured I couldn’t go wrong with starting with the Open to Love cd and then after Love Yourself. That is what I need right now and I really appreciate your help because I really wouldn’t know where I would be in my life right now. I’m looking forward to the changes. 

I am very pleased!  I am listening to your advanced healing CD with the physical healing CD.  I have been listening to that combination for about a month and I will continue for another month.  The results have been subtle and sensational!  I have several soft addictions like ice cream, for example.  I do not seem to struggle staying away from it. The results have been very effortless so I do not notice the changes until the difference becomes obvious.  Another example that is huge for me!  I had an organic green fruit smoothy for lunch.  Normally I would have fallen asleep at the computer.  I am wide awake!  That is extraordinary!
Keep your advanced CDs coming and quickly! 

 I listen to my CD every night and it works great.  I have to tell you though that my success story right now is my son.  I could not describe the mess that he creates, his room, his desk at school, at the house – everywhere.  I got the Get Organized CD for him and he has actually started picking up his clothes after he takes a shower – that is a huge breakthrough, I have been spending the last 5 years (he’s 11) asking him not to leave his clothes behind.  I’m happy with the small change and am crossing my fingers for more changes by the end of the 30 days.  If he could keep his desk organized at school and stop feeding the ants with food underneath his bed, I will owe my sanity to you.  Thank you.  

 I was referred to your site by a friend a couple of months ago. I had tried some hypnotherapy tapes in the past and the Dr.’s voices on the tape bugged me and I just couldn’t listen after a night or two. One of them actually kept me awake and I would be exhausted the next day. Not so with your work. Your CD’s are brilliant. I’m sleeping better, waking up better, and just feeling more in control and at peace. And I’m only a few CD’s into the the two sets I bought!
I have been recommending your CD’s to everyone I know, including my audiences. I’m a Professional Speaker with Resilience and Stress Management as my key topics. After 30 years of researching and talking about these topics, I feel like I can almost tell everyone — go buy Teri’s CD’s and listen to them for the rest of your life and your problems are solved! All the theories, all the tools and techniques, and all the exercises take a back seat to your work. I am your newest fan.
BTW – one other success story for you:
My friend who referred these to me has an extreme clutter problem. Holding on to things from decades ago that just need to be tossed. After listening to your tapes for a month, she started getting things cleaned up. She is less frantic. She is finally finding some peace in her world and is able to navigate through the memories and let her possessions go. That sold me. If you can get through those barriers, you are a miracle worker.

Here is another success story for you! 
The first time I listened to your tapes was in 1997.  I was in indiv and group counseling for history of incest when I was young.  I had always minimized the effects of the abuse and until counseling, I never really spent time thinking about it.   
My older sister had your tape series and suggested I try it out.  I’m not sure how long after experiencing the tapes I did this, but I wrote a letter to my abuser listing all the effects his actions had on my life up to then. I also informed my parents at that same time.  I’m sure you know – the …. hit the fan there. ( I was living in a different City, State from them).
 Everyone was very proud of me. I was proud of me. I continued to tell my story for awhile after that. Maybe a year.  Now I don’t feel the need to go over that history anymore.
 Some of the physical changes:  
     I used to not be able to think clearly, found demanding partners, and didn’t even sweat when I was hot!
     I am very articulate: am a very good customer service rep on the phone and love talking with people, and especially    explaining/teaching things to them.
     I have a wonderful loving partner.
     I sweat like crazy when I’m hot or doing physical work!
     I neglected to write one of the most important parts of the story. My brother called me after getting that letter and apologized!
 Thanks for everything you do!

Hi Teri, thanks for the CDs.  I am just finishing up my last days on the 2 CDs you suggested, alternating Balance Your Energy Centers and Heal Your Childhood.  It really seems to be working!  I am glad you put these together to help us clear up childhood related healing issues and it is just what I need to tackle before I can get onto other more important things for myself!  My wife and I are both listening and it is working for us both.
Chris & Debbie 

 It has been about 10 days, Some days it feels like nothings happening. That said, if I step back and get a bigger perspective on things, then these things get noticed: 
• I’m doing my dishes more often (I don’t have a dishwasher and loathe doing dishes), 
• Despite hating to do dishes, I have started preparing healthier foods at home instead of picking up pre-made food on my way home from work (or on my way to work)
• I have been remembering some important personal care actions which had been languishing
• I feel overwhelmed by electronic “to-do”s and things “pile up”, but this weekend I have 1) transferred photos from my phone to my computer, 2) made a tiny start on sorting them, 3) found an email-helping app and tried it out (my inbox now has under 50 unread emails, whereas yesterday it was  over 300 – I haven’t read all of those, but have been getting rid of what I don’t want or need)
There’s more, but those are the highlights from my perspective. I am looking forward to seeing how things shift in the upcoming weeks and months. Something I hadn’t realized before this process started was just how depressed I had been. I mean, I knew my mood was, but I wasn’t aware of how it was manifesting physically in my life. The CD is showing/reminding me I can have a new life, a fresh, present-time me. Free from the bonds of the past.
Lindsey M