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Brain Wave States

Currently, brain wave states are generally categorized as follows:

Above 32Hz:

This is a newer area of research. Some states are related to higher states of functioning.

High Beta which ranges from 28 to 32 Hz:  

*anxiety, tension stress, distracted thought, lack of focus

You are in this state when you are “up tight” and worrying. fearful, feeling threatened, and anxious.

Beta which ranges from 14 to 28 Hz:
*normal waking consciousness — logical thought, analysis, concentration, alertness, problem solving, and action.

You are in beta most of your waking hours when you are talking, speaking, and doing. As you read this information In beta, you analyze, interpret, discern, compare, judge, and criticize.

Alpha which ranges from 8 to 14 Hz:

*pleasant feeling states – play, laughter, relaxation, daydreaming, visualizing, fantasizing, automatic and routine activities (non-thinking activities). Freedom from pain.

You are in alpha when you are feeling soothed and calm, relaxed, letting your mind wander, daydreaming, bathing/showering, meditating, praying, letting go, dissolving into the environment, drifting off to sleep, being in a twilight state.

In alpha, you have rapid assimilation of facts with heightened memory and healing. You may experience an altered sense of time, free association (non-logical), and extrasensory perception.

Alpha is the doorway to the nonconscious. It is conducive to creative imagery and personal psychotherapeutic insights — the “awakened mind.”

Theta which ranges between 4 and 8 Hz:

*REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, dreaming, sleep and sleep-like states, deep meditation.

You are in theta when you are in deep reverie. When awake, it brings quietness of body, emotions and mind and builds a bridge between the conscious and nonconscious. It is a state of healing and psycho-immunology. It is considered the Freudian subconscious with suppressed creativity and psychological material.

Delta which is below 4 Hz:

*deep dreamless sleep — a deep trancelike non-physical state.

You are in delta in your deepest level of sleep. If awakened from this state, you may feel irritable, confused, and disoriented. People who have high amounts of delta brainwaves when they are awake have increased empathy.