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Healing & Wellness

Change the EASY way with SuperSleep®
Transform your mind, body and spirit

Since I have been listening to the Balance Your Energy Centers CD, I’ve only had one migraine. Before listening to them, I was having a migraine almost every week. My quality of life has improved ten times over. I just can’t thank you enough for your “cure” for my suffering.
-Sherri K. 


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1. Open to Healing
supports your healing process and helps restore your vitality.

It addresses opening to healing, taking responsibility, illness and healing, and the life force. It has 180 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I open to the infinite power of healing, and I invite, allow and embrace it into my life
  • I am at peace with the paradox of being responsible while depending on others
  • I dissolve all my imbalances around defining myself and my life by my imbalances, illnesses and wounds
  • Everything I think, feel and do supports my healing in grace
  • I increase the life force in every part of my Being moment to moment

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2. Balance Your Energy Centers
helps your stress reduction and physical healing (it often minimizes sleep issues).

It addresses the seven “Chakra” energy centers: root center, sexual center, power center, heart center, throat center, third eye center, and crown center.

It has 180 different suggestion statements which include:

  • My energy centers regulate the flow of vital energy into my physical organs perfectly
  • All of my needs are met at every point in time and space
  • I see my power and its source and how and why I use it in true and objective ways
  • I move through the stages of my heart development rhythmically and peacefully
  • I am at one with my crown energy center and its patterns, purposes and responsibilities

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3. Be Physically Well
supports your physical healing
and increases consistency with fitness and weight programs.

It addresses physical wellness, nutrition and nourishment, weight management, and fitness and exercise.

It has 180 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I realize my body’s intention is to be balanced, healthy and well
  • I dissolve all my imbalances around the rotary action of my atoms
  • I develop and follow a nutritious and healthy diet automatically and effortlessly
  • I reach my healthy weight one day at a time, and I maintain it
  • I enjoy exercising, and I feel good about my body being fit and conditioned

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4. Be Mentally & Emotionally Well
helps you reduce stress and think and feel positively.

It addresses having healthy thoughts and feelings, managing stress, having support, and being mentally and physically well.

It has 180 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I believe I can be healthy and whole, and I take the necessary steps to be so
  • I dissolve my imbalances around life limiting and life defeating thoughts and feelings
  • I replace stress with calming thoughts, peaceful feelings, and healthy habits
  • I bring my molecules of emotion into harmony to produce healing, health and wellness at all times and places
  • I live a healthy mental and emotional life, rich with laughter, love and creativity

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5. Be Spiritually Well
helps you move beyond doubt and disappointment
to forgive — and restore faithful practices.

It addresses faith and prayer, being loving and forgiving, having a higher state of being, and being spiritually well.

It has 180 different statements which include:

  • I practice positive spiritual virtues every day
  • I pray for the right things at the right times in the right ways for the right reasons
  • I dissolve my imbalances around crises of faith and losing faith
  • I surround myself with open hearted people, and we share love joyfully
  • I connect with divine source in all appropriate ways, and I am one with the
  • creative force

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6. Live a Balanced Life
helps you flow with lifestyle or life changes and come into balanced living
with yourself and others and/or work and leisure.
It also supports aging gracefully.

It addresses changing my lifestyle, myself and others, work and leisure, life stages and aging, and living a balanced life.

It has 180 different statements which include:

  • I make simple choices for powerful life changes, and I live a balanced life
  • I dissolve my imbalances around putting others first
  • I attain and maintain a balanced rhythm between work, rest, leisure and play
  • I flow with my age and life stages, and I resolve the developmental life tasks at each age and stage
  • I have a conscious strategy to attain and maintain balance, and I follow it

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7. Advanced Healing
is an intense script for deep changes to support your healing on all levels –
especially if you are stressed with a new major illness or have been ill for a long time.
Please listen 3 – 9 months for best results.

It addresses stress, painful memories, destructive cellular memory, healing energy, my emotional heart, balanced body systems, and advanced healing consciousness. 

It has 180 suggestion statements which include:

  • I move into advanced healing consciousness with ease and grace
  • Healing is activated in my body systems easily and effortlessly
  • I release and forgive every person and relationship that caused me stress
  • All my imbalances around destructive cellular memory are now dissolved in grace
  • All my imbalances around destructive molecular action are now dissolved in grace
  • I move beyond painful memories to advanced, integrated, quantum healing
  • My advanced healing is activated at the molecular and cellular levels

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Wow, it Works! I have been listening to Be Physically Well constantly for 14 days now. On the 9th day, I dropped two bad habits cold turkey. On the 10th day, I noticed I was conscious of everything I put in my body. On the 11th and 12th days, my food cravings are for fruits and nuts and vegetables… the healthy stuff. I am starting to lose weight! I don’t know what to say… but thanks… So simple yet so powerful. Beyond Willpower.”
-Milton C.