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Change the EASY way with SuperSleep®
Transform your running at any stage, and improve your personal best.

 I created a personal script for a competitive runner. She was surprised and pleased with the results and insisted I create a series for runners. This is the result. It is produced differently – with no go-to-sleep introduction – so you can listen while you run. Of course, for the best results, listen while you sleep. Enjoy improving your running!  

I have also worked with NFL, NBA, and NCAA stars, and have developed successful programs for football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and free form martial arts competition. See the Consultation page for information on Personal Programs.  

Teri Mahaney, PhD

Amazing! I can’t believe it. I listened to your MP3 for running and improved my personal best in my next marathon. The running clinics and personal trainer helped, but your MP3 made it happen for me. And at a small fraction of the cost, plus the convenience of listening on my schedule – anytime, anywhere. Amazing.

Chris M.


Each MP3 is $49.95            Buy 3: Get 1 Free 

1. My First Step – for Runners
is a great MP3 for runners at all stages and levels.

It addresses change, self esteem and self confidence. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I understand running can be a metaphor for life
  • I give myself permission to be my best in running and in life
  • I make the changes I need to make to be and perform my personal best
  • I release and forgive everyone who undermined my self esteem and confidence
  • It is natural for me to be empowered, and I move into my full power in grace
  • I say positive things to myself and about myself, and I encourage myself every day

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2. Planning
helps you get your running program on track.

It addresses setting and achieving goals, and managing your schedule to achieve them.   It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I know what type of runner I want to be and what kind of running I want to do
  • I am willing to put in the time and effort to become the runner I want to be
  • I am determined and persistent in the pursuit of my goals
  • I match my behavior to my goals, and I achieve them
  • I take control of my life and my schedule, and I enjoy the process
  • It is easy and effortless to plan my running life, and I enjoy it

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3. Motivating
supports your staying on track with your running program.

It addresses thinking positively and being and staying motivated. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I am motivated to create and maintain an effective running program
  • I make optimism my natural response to life’s challenges
  • All my imbalances around reliving my past mistakes are now dissolved in grace
  • I move beyond my past thoughts and emotions to form positive healthy life affirming ones
  • I am motivated to train the right ways at the right times for the right reasons
  • I am motivated for my life to work on all levels, and I move boldly forward

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4. Training
assures your training program is right for you and you follow it.

It addresses choosing the right training program and coach, and training.  It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I I know what kind of running I want to do and what kind of runner I want to be
  • I learn what I need to know about training and training programs
  • I release and forgive myself for not training regularly and consistently
  • I choose and follow a training program that will produce the results I want
  • I allow time for my body to condition, develop and strengthen 
  • I set a training schedule and routine that fits my condition, my goals, and my lifestyle, and I keep it

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5. Fueling
supports your healthy habits.

It addresses good nutrition, fueling, and hydrating. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I understand food is fuel, and it powers my running
  • I learn what I need to know about my personal nutrition and fueling needs
  • All my imbalances around my hunger and appetite are now dissolved in grace
  • I power, sustain, and replenish my body with the right calories
  • I choose the right kind and amount of fluid replacement
  • Each day, I automatically and successfully eat healthier and more nutritiously

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6. Running
keeps you running well at all the different running stages.

It addresses running, pacing and form. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I I have confidence in myself to be a runner, and I am patient while I develop and improve
  • I run for my own reasons, and I gain satisfaction and fulfillment from running
  • I have the right postural alignment, upright and relaxed with my chest up and out
  • My pace is dictated by my goals for the run and the length of my run
  • I fit into the running community in my own way: as a jogger, runner or racer
  • I find my running groove, and I tap into my best runner self

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7. Racing
helps you prepare, run, and win races, by your standards.

It addresses preparing, racing, and competing. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I challenge myself on many levels, and I compete with myself and my personal records first and foremost 
  • It feels good to race, and I win, regardless of my placement in the race
  • I am calm with crowding and delayed starts, and I start easy and slow as appropriate
  • I can hold a fast pace, and I can stick with tough competitors
  • All my imbalances around hitting the wall are now dissolved in grace
  • I think like a winner: I feel like a winner: I run like a winner: I am a winner

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8. Recovering
helps you maintain your condition and energy and prevent injury.

It addresses preventing injury, safety, and injury and recovering. It has 100 different suggestion statements which include:

  • I learn what I need to know about running safely, and I build safety into my runs easily and automatically
  • I am positive about setbacks, and I move beyond them in healthy ways
  • All my imbalances around denying injury and its consequencesare now dissolved in grace
  • I understand rest means a time of no activity to recuperate and repair, and recovery means a time of easy workouts
  • I follow my rest and recovery plan with acceptance, patience and self compassion
  • Everything comes together for my complete healing in grace

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