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Dr. Mahaney’s private clients range from NFL
and NBA players to underachieving students. She is sought out for her depth of
knowledge and experience with personal transformation – what blocks it and what
accelerates it. She enjoys sharing what she learned about brain processes and
patterns. Her sessions are direct and practical — filled with AHA moments —
and inspiring and uplifting.

Because she is committed to supporting your
easiest, fastest change process, Teri only works one-on-one with Change Your Mind 
SuperSleep® customers / clients.

Her consultations center around her
breakthrough theta brain wave change program – and how it can speed your


Her consultations support your

an effective program using her Change Your Mind SuperSleep® recordings

your own recordings

with her to create personalized recordings for you




You can schedule a one hour
consultation or a one year program.



Personal Consultation


$150 per hour

You can have desired objectives
and outcomes, or you can be confused and seeking clarity and direction, or you
can be somewhere in between. 

Teri serves as a sounding board
for your personal and professional issues, and suggests new directions. She
also supports your personal script writing process at any of its stages.

You will be contacted to
schedule your appointment.



Quick Question


$40 per question

Quick question? Something just
come up?  Want clarification on a scripting strategy?  Need a stay on
track talk?  If you don’t need an hour, you can have a quick 15 minute
consultation (and as you know, Teri talks fast!).

You will be contacted to
schedule your appointment.




Next Step


$ 315


Enjoy a fast paced and
insightful 11/2 hour consultation to assess:

   •    where you are

   •    where you want to be

   •    what your blocks are to
getting there


Teri will design a personal
program of Change Your Mind SuperSleep® recordings for your situation –
 matching your desired outcomes with the right recordings to help get you

The first 3 CDs of your
personal program are included at no charge to assure you get started and stay
on track for 90 days. 

You will be contacted to
schedule your appointment.




Personal Recording



Work closely with Teri to
create a personal SuperSleep® script – using your words to address your issues
— to get your desired outcomes.

Step 1.     Start with a 
1 1/2 hour consultation to identify and clarify the              issues, determine
the desired outcomes, and uncover patterns and                blocks. 

Step 2.     Based on the consultation, Teri will draft a
script for you – using her                 decades of
experience and revolutionary scripting formulas. 

Step 3.     You review the script and provide thoughts,
feelings, additions, etc.

Step 4.    Teri refines the script.  

Step 5.     You review and approve the script. 

Step 6.     Teri records the script using her brain-changing Change Your Mind

Step 7.     You sleep to your personal recording 21 – 30 nights – and change         automatically
– to get your desired results.

Step 8.     Celebrate Your Changes! 


If you’d like to discuss it
with Teri first, book a one hour consultation. 

You will be contacted to
schedule your appointment.





 Your Peak Performance


If you’re interested in a Peak
Performance Agreement – working with Teri for 6 or 12 months, contact her for
more information