Do you believe you can change while you sleep ?

If not, you haven't tried my Change Your Mind SuperSleep® Program.

I'm Teri Mahaney, Ph.D., the creator of the Change Your Mind SuperSleep® method. Since 1985, I have been researching and refining my products so you can transform and live a life of:

I have combined the power of :

  • Years of my own research and client observation
  • My proven breakthrough scripting formulas
  • Research on the theta brainwave state
  • Suggestopedia research on music and statement cadencing
  • Subliminal research on healing statements
  • Mind/body research on associative conditioning

Experience the Power :

Click on the CD label for a 2 minute audio sample from Open to Wealth -- CD #1 in the Money series.

Each CD has 180 suggestion statements which are repeated three times to an eight second cadencing (based on Suggestopedia research for successful "learning").

The Suggestion Statement Scripts

My original one-of-a-kind suggestion statement scripts are the most powerful available (and copied by others). They are a balance of clearing statements that release, forgive, and dissolve the old... with positive affirmations that anchor the new.

The Mind / Body / Emotion Connection

Writings as ancient as the I Ching and as recent as psychoneuroimmunology are integrated into my suggestion statements: Change flows like the seasons, and the universe can be trusted; I accept the factors of physical wellness include my thoughts, attitudes and habits.


Root causes of personality issues are addressed in my clearing scripts which dissolve and neutralize old patterns: I dissolve all imbalances on the soul level around my family's dysfunction; I release and forgive myself for not being perfect: I care for, nourish, nurture, and cherish my authentic self.

Spiritual Values

Universal spiritual values are woven into the scripts to create gentle shifts: I am continually becoming the change I wish to see in the world; I live in the present, experiencing life as it happens; Money is a substance and energy I can use to transform myself and my world.

I invite you to experience SuperSleep®.

I feel confident you will be both surprised and

pleased with your life-lasting results.